The Absolute

Rockin' out at the Viper room

I got my first taste of the Absolute when they opened for 100 Monkeys during their 24K residency in 2009.

The trio created an updated classic rock sound that made you want to salute them with a shot of Jameson, turn up the speakers and simply rock out.

With the departure of Winthrop Ellsworth this past spring I will admit I was scared, I wondered would they lose that easy going spirit band of brothers vibe they worked so hard to create?

 But Phil Weiner and Anthony Lopez teamed up with Bassist Ryan Driscoll and guitarist Ashton Likes they not only recaptured the classic rock sound but were able to step it up a notch.

I attended a benefit concert at the El Cid with the new line up and I was blown away. The addtion of Likes and Driscoli made the already great sound of the Absolute even more powerful, to a point where you can feel it in your veins leaving you wanting more.

Whenever I tell friends about The Absolute I generally used classic rock band but my friends Janey said it best ‘I consider them in the genre of rock but would say they are thoughtful rock edge with a soul.’ Oh so true Jane!

One of my favorite songs is ‘No Respect for Author’, its the epitome of a rock. Its just pure energy with great lyrics. Take a listen then check out  The Absolute sites!  No Respect for Author

Please stay tune for an exclusive interview with the band!

Offical site: 

Myspace Page:


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