Johnny Flynn @ the Hotel Cafe

Tammy & Johnny Flynn

The next folk duo!

I recently discovered the gem by the name of Johnny Flynn. I was lucky enough to catch his two highly anticipated Los Angeles shows at Hotel Cafe over the weekend. He’s such a talented musician and songwriter I was instantly enthralled, I’ve had his latest cd ‘Been Listening’ on repeat. I have to thank my friends how giving me the heads up on Mr. Flynn, otherwise I would have been at home watching NCIS repeats.

My favorite song of the night had to be ‘Tickle Me Pink’, its off his older cd’s but its a fun audience participation song. Johnny knew how to captivate the audience wanting more.


  1. Agree Agree Agree. I had a similar experience, was told about Johnny Flynn through friends. Found out he was coming to Arizona & thought I’d catch him live to see what the fuss was about. Fuss well deserved!

    He is a very talented musician who connects very well with his audience and was charming both on and off stage. My favorites were the title track off his new CD “Been Listening” as well Tickle Me Pink, which generated a sing-a-long in Scottsdale too! I also enjoyed his duet with opener Cheyenne Marie Mize, The Water.


  2. Loooooooooooove it. The video is too cute. He´s so talented and kind. Can´t wait to see him in December. I hope we are going to have in the same good mood he was in LA.
    Lovely review and video. Thanks for sharing.


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