Marcus Foster: Shadows of the City

With Marcus Foster’s debut cd to be released on 4/4/11, I started thinking about when he performed at Hotel Cafe in 2009….wait 2009?! URGH that’s too long for greatness. When I heard he was performing at SxSw and that sealed my decision to go this year but sadly he pulled out a few weeks ago (I’m still going and plan to have fun despite the fact he’s not going to be there). So I only have to wait another month for new Marcus Foster music but will always remember his old stuff.

This is one of my favorite Marcus Foster songs, I can listen to it anytime of the day.

Marcus Foster Info.:

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  1. Awwwwww Tammy he pulled out?!?! That sucks big time! I am sure you will still have a drunken good time! all the music and hot men that sing it and play it. Can’t wait hear all about it. Yay! Storytime with Tammy and friends………… you know I heard this story once about your n……….. nevermind! love you Tammy! Have Fun and be safe!


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