Johnny Marnell: Welcome to Hollywood!

If you’re familiar with Bravo’s new hit reality show ‘Platinum Hit’ then you’re definately familiar with the name Johnny Marnell. The show has been on the air since late May has already made an impact in music sales (similar to The Voice). Since week 3 Johnny Marnell has been on the top winners of the writing challenges and you quickly learned not only was he extremely talented but was willing to take chances. Johnny has an album on itunes called Solo with songs like Natural Way (my favorite with video below), ‘You Should’ve Known’ & ‘Let Me Show You’.

Overall Johnny put on a great show which the LA fans wild with excitement to see this talented singer/songwriter perform and anxiously wait for his return.

But his finale with castmate, Brian Judah, made my night. They performed not only my favorite ‘Where I want to Be’ but also ‘Bettin’ Om you’ (video below) their winning song from last week’s episode.

Remember in Pretty Woman, there’s a man screaming ‘Welcome to Hollywood! What’s you’re dream?’ (if you dare ask what’s pretty woman, leave NOW!) It seems Johnny is living his and I want to wish him all the luck & will continue to sing (off key) his praises!

Our next mission is to get Brian Judah to play and I will be a happy girl!


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