Coachella 2012 is almost here….

I haven’t attended Coachella in more than 5 years….and for some reason I’m not looking forward to it. I want to be excited abotu it because it’ll only be a 2 hour drive (if that) and it’s only 3 days. When the line was released I didn’t react, I was simply Meh.

I know Meh isn’t a real feeling but its the best way to describe my emotions. Everytime I hear something about SXSW, I get excited, worry, been planning my schedule and thinking about my beer consumption. I’ve denied myself shows with my favorite artist or artist I’ve been wanting to see. Hell, I’ve given up driving too often so I dont have to pay for too much gas in order to save cash. Why can’t I be this EXCITED & DEDICATED to Coachella?

But Coachella…I forget I need cash for the shuttle, I already know I won’t be drinking too much since everythig will be overpriced, just give me my over priced water, hat, sunblock (100 SPF thank you very much!), and a quiet spot.

But this morning I decided to go through the line up again……and I got a tingle of excitement…..

Saturday (4/21/12): Laura Marling, Grouplove, Awolnation, & Kaiser Chiefs

Sunday (4/22/12): Gotye, First Aid Kit, Le Butcherettes & Band of Skulls

I know I should be excited about the bigger acts but I’m not because I know it will be so crowded I’ll get sick (I avoid the big acts at SXSW). I know when the Black Keys play it will be INSANE but I will brave the crowd because I need to see them!!!!

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