SxSW Update: Fun. (the band)

I don’t usually watch commericals when I watch TV in fact i tend to tune them out but there was one partical song I found myself humming and before I knew it the song was being played on KROQ (LA radio station). I found out who the name of the band and song and added to my music collection.

Everytime I heard the song I became very curious about the other songs, after a quick listen on their Myspace (yes that place still exist) and knew I HAD to have this cd and have been playing it non-stop ever since. I haven’t been this giddy over a new cd since Wires In the Walls in November (ok I’m still giddy about Matt Corby but I still can’t get that EP just yet). But the reason I’m practically dancing in the streets?……Fun. will be at SxSW on March 14th!!

My list of MUST SEE’s is growing! I will me be a mental drunk mess… stay tuned for updates! Or drunken videos 😉

p.s. too tired to edit so beware!


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