John Mayer on Indefinite Hiatus

Noise11 is reporting that John Mayer has cancelled all upcoming shows, SxSW included due to granuloma.

Mayer had been suffering from granuloma, a growth on his vocal chords and thought he had the trouble fixed.

On Wednesday he went to see his doctor and was given the bad news that the granuloma had grown back.

“This is bad news,” he wrote in his blog. Because of this, I have no choice but to take an indefinite break from live performing. Though there will be a day when all of this will be behind me, it will sideline me for a longer period of time than I care to have you count down”.

This is a scary moment for any singer to have a growth on your vocal chords and to think its gone and there not…..SCARY!!

More from Mayer’s Blog:

“I’m completely bummed, especially for all of you who started making plans to see a show,” John says. “Nothing feels worse than having to break the stage down before the performance, and I mean nothing. I love this band you were going to hear, I love the guys and girls I work with, and the only thing that stops me from devolving into a puddle of tears is knowing that it’s a long life, and the greatest gift in the world is being able to create music no matter what the circumstances. So these are the new circumstances, and I’ll find a way to make it mean something. That’s all you can ever do”.

Okay this made me tear up….. I hope John Mayer gets plenty of rest and back on the road!

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