SxSW – Imagine Dragons @ Filter Showcase

I first saw Imagine Dragons when they opened for 100 Moneys (yes, the band with the twilight guy) in Las Vegas maybe 2 years ago. Since then when they’ve come to the Los Angeles area I’ve had conflicting schedules or lack of money to catch them.
After missing SEVERAL performances during the SXSW festival I was determined to catch their final show at the Filter Magazine Showcase and to say I was blown away is an understatement.
Dan mentioned that this was their 8th performance at the festival and his vocals were not at their best and instead of canceling they were going to play the best they could…..

So this is them bad?


They were beyond great!! Admittedly you could hear that Dan was tired and worn but still put on a powerful and energetic performance. They’ve grown so much as musician since I that performance a few years ago. I downloaded their new EP ‘Continued Silence’ when it was released but there is nothing like seeing them live!

I was able to take some video…..i must warn you that i was moving around because there was NO WAY I COULD STAND STILL!! D Best moment…..dring ‘It’s Time’, Dan leaned over and gave me a kiss….that’s what’s so great about SXSW its a musical love fest! Besides I have a thing for tall blondes…. 🙂


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