Marcus Foster Night Two @ Hotel Cafe

Night Two with Marcus Foster was….awesome!

Even though his comments about America irked me (still! SIDEBAR: the comments were made during Nameless Path promotion and he has since apologized they just left a sour taste in my mouth & see things a little differently. Still a great musician) I have to say he’s fucking talented and I can’t stay away! *grin* And I will go on record (AGAIN) and say I dont like the song ‘I Was Broken’ or I am Broken….either way hate it! Thank goodness there are so many other songs I enjoy!

When I first heard the ‘new’ version of Marcus Foster’s ‘The Room’ I was not happy. Don’t get me wrong, it was good but too….too…perky for such a haunting song. But I have to say it was my favorite song of the night, yeah it was still lively but not so much you didn’t losing the meaning of the lyrics.

If you want to see more videos check out my YouTube Channel!!

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