White Sea & HBO’s Girls

The HBO show Girls irks me, they’re the misfit version of Sex and The City. As I watch past episodes On Demand I’m utterly mortified how these characters quickly run to a place I call Desperation Nation. During credits for the second episode I wanted to throw my remote at the TV and before I could wind my arm up for a full swing, a song comes on and I, thankfully, stop. 

I didn’t recognize the song, so I hit the rewind button several times hoping it was in the credits but since I was too busy sashaying around the aprartment to pay attention. Then a light came on in my head…..SHAZAM! A moment later, I found out the song was called ‘Overdrawn’ by White Sea. I heart my iPhone! 

How can i hate a show with a great music? So of course I’m watching….I didn’t throw my remote but I was shaking my head more times than I could count.

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