Video: The Blancos – Lemon Garden

The Blancos – Heartless Romantic EP

Whenever I listen to the band The Blancos the old cliche Do not judge a books by its cover!‘ comes to mind. Admittedly for about a month I simply stared and LIKE their pictures on Instagram before I clicked the link to their music. I easily assumed rock musicians after seeing their photos – I was wrong.

What am I to expect when I see a photo of two attractive bearded hipster-ish grunge guys with eyes that melted my heart? Let me tell you I was not expecting what I heard…their voice and style is mind-blowing…….its like a grittier Marvin Gaye and  singing in my ears and I’m here for ALL. OF. IT.!

My ONE complaint about this video….its only 1:32 seconds!! That’s not enough – I need more.

If you love this video the way I do then head over to their Souncloud page where you’re able to hear their Heartless Romantic EP. One of the sexiest EP’s that has flowed through my ear buds. If this is where RnB & Hip/Hop is going then I’m there! Honestly, I can never just listen to one song by The Blancos, I always have to listen to the entire Heartless Romantic EP several times that day.

And if you’re in the Brooklyn area on Nov.20th please go check them out at the Brooklyn Night Baazar!! (Click the “I AM RAW” banner at the top of the page to purchase)

Seriously someone post some videos so I can salivate properly!


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