Johnny Flynn – Kentucky Pill

Now that YouTube is working, here’s Johnny Flynn performing Kentucky Pill at the Echo. One of my favorite songs.


Johnny Flynn takes over Los Angeles

Johnny Flynn @ the Echo

The multi-talented Johnny Flynn playing the trumpet

On Wednesday evening folk singer Johnny Flynn returned to Los Angeles with his band The Sussex Wit for a one night perfomance at the Echo.
The 18 and over crowd (and me!) waited anxiously for Johnny to take stage sitting through the dull and seemingly bored Caitlin Rose and he finally took the stage he did not dissappoint the crowd. In fact he caused a frenzy in one girl near me where she loudly sang off key and constantly shouted ‘I love you’. Actually the ‘I love you’s’ were shouted continously through out the venue.
As usual I was blown away by his talent and voice.

I hope to post more videos soon!

Johnny Flynn @ the Hotel Cafe

Tammy & Johnny Flynn

The next folk duo!

I recently discovered the gem by the name of Johnny Flynn. I was lucky enough to catch his two highly anticipated Los Angeles shows at Hotel Cafe over the weekend. He’s such a talented musician and songwriter I was instantly enthralled, I’ve had his latest cd ‘Been Listening’ on repeat. I have to thank my friends how giving me the heads up on Mr. Flynn, otherwise I would have been at home watching NCIS repeats.

My favorite song of the night had to be ‘Tickle Me Pink’, its off his older cd’s but its a fun audience participation song. Johnny knew how to captivate the audience wanting more.