Lee MacDougall: She (Live at New York’s 97.7)

I honestly cannot wait to see Lee MacDougall at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles at the end of the month. He’s currently on tour and will be playing at Sxsw (Mar 16 – Mar 19) and hopefully I will have to see his performance while in Austin.

Lee Mac Dougall: Hindsight

Lee MacDougall is about to kick off his Americal tour this week and posted a new YouTube video called ‘Hindsight’.

Hindsight Lyrics:

a little too much to drink
flickering christmas lights
it was just another stupid argument
but i think about it all the time
i wanted just to pull her close
but i’m stubborn and i got too proud
a teardrop glanced her beauty spot
and she disappeared into the crowd
i swear i thought i saw her leaving
with a man stood by the bar
and i turned to the frosty window
as she stepped into the car

I can’t let that feeling go
I should have run, but I just froze
I shouldn’t have let her get in
well hindsight is a wonderful thing

and the snowflakes danced around
the blue and white flashing lights
the sound of a speeding ambulance
and a car lying on it’s side
there was alcohol upon his breath
and his voice began too crack
well “sorry” is the hardest word I’ve heard
but it’s never gonna bring her back

I can’t let that feeling go
how i stood frozen in the snow
I shouldn’t have let her get in
well hindsight is a wonderful thing

and I can’t help but wish somehow
if I only knew then what I know now
I wouldn’t have let her get in
well hindsight is a wonderful thing…

Lee MacDougall: Smile

Not sure if anyone has noticed but I have a thing for British singers. For some reason they simply make me giddy and wanting more. My friend Sheila introduced to Lee MacDougall a few weeks ago and LOVE HIM already! He recently added a new demo called ‘Smile’ which is currently on repeat this morning.

Press Play: Smile: Smile by Lee MacDougall

According to this myspace page he kicks off his US tour in Feb and will be in Los Angeles on March 31st at the Hotel Cafe. This definitely adds to my excitement!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/leemacdougall
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/leemacdougall


Tour Dates:
Feb 25 2011 7:00P
The Bitter End NYC, USA
Mar 9 2011 8:00P
3rd & LINDSLEY Nashville, Tennessee
Mar 15 2011 8:00P
Poor David’s Pub Dallas, Texas
Mar 16 2011 8:00P
Hideaway Houston, Texas
Mar 22 2011 8:00P
The Record Bar Kansas City, MO
Mar 31 2011 7:00P
Hotel Cafe LOS ANGELES, California
Apr 2 2011 8:00P
Elbo Room San Fransisco, California
Apr 7 2011 8:00P
Tonic Lounge Portland, Oregon
Apr 10 2011 8:00P
Backstage Bar Vancouver, BC, CANADA