Album Review: Little Red Lung – Beware

Little Red Lung - BEWARE

After seeing Little Red Lung play The Mint a few years ago, and as well as obsessively playing their self-titled EP religiously, it was inevitable they would become one of my all time favorite band.

When Zoe-Ruth Erwin (vocals), Ali Nikou (guitarist), Rob Hume (bassist) and John Broeckel (drums) come together, you instantly become aware they’re not your typical pop band. Each song has a certain flair that separates them from the masses and you realize not only are they talented musicians but true artists.

For the last few months Little Red Lung have been leaving hints of new music on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Each snippet would fill my musical heart with so much joy!

And now the wait is over.

To sum it mildly, ‘Beware‘ is simply captivating, soulful and hauntingly beautiful. Imagine the passion of Tori Amos with the mix of Florence Welch’s vocal range you have Zoe-Ruth Erwin. My biggest problem with Beware was trying to figure out my favorite song. Granted radio friendly songs like Porcupine Sheet and Get On The Boat were great but I wanted to find that song that spoke to me.

And then it hit me there was one song in particular I would play constantly…..Bell Tower.

And it was clear Bell Towers is the best song on the album. As a collective whole the band creates this majestic haunting sound that seems to elevate Zoe’s voice. And vocally this is the strongest song…..its powerful yet soft. Some singers would lose too much control and exaggerate certain notes. I find its Erwin’s control that takes you to the very edge but Zoe brings you back.

Its perfection. 

The fourth song on the album, Dead Weight was originally my favorite followed by Civilian Tiger. This album has been on repeat while I work and when I get home to relax.

A new album means we get more live shows! I cannot wait to see Little Red Lung again because they put on a great show and I always leave with a smile on my face.

Video: Time in a Bottle – Little Red Lung (Jim Croce cover)

Little Red Lung

Over the weekend Little Red Lung teased a new video and today my Christmas finally arrived for me! The song performed is a cover of Jim Croce’s Time in a Bottle, which was filmed in L.A.’s Blaster Master Productions studios.

When Zoe of Little Red Lung sings – I listen! Her voice is delicate yet strong, she makes you feel so many emotions.

Her voice is EVERYTHING! 

I simply cannot wait for the new album.

For more Little Red Lung:

Twitter/Instagram: @LittleRedLung

NoHoPalooza with LA Best Indie Bands!

Have you ever dreamt about your perfect lineup? You could visualize the perfect group of bands (or solo singers), and sometimes you could even see the perfect venue. And it was perfect mix which equals an evening of musical bliss with friends and beer.

Well party people my perfect show is about to happen…..that’s right Wires In the Walls, Tic Tic Boom!, Little Red Lung and Owls will be on the same stage at The Other Door Bar in North Hollywood, on August 3rd.  NoHopalloza

It’s like the musical gods read my twitter message and made this HAPPEN!! Hey a girl can dream! But not only will the above mention will be there they will also share the stage with Okapi Sun (saw them a few months ago at the Wires residency and they were GOOD!), Lost on Purpose and Bambi & Felix. The doors open at 3pm which will mean a nice afternoon of music!

Take a moment to check out the links below!! And if you want more information please head to The Other Door Bar website!

From the facebook page:

3:00 Bambi & Felix

4:00 Lost On Purpose

5:00 Okapi Sun

6:00 Owls

7:00 Tic Tic Boom

8:00 Wires in the Walls

9:00 Little Red Lung

$5 Cover (goes directly to bands)

21+ (ID Required)

Look for the BAR sign and GIANT DOOR


Parking lot and plenty of street parking



The lineup has changed a little….. Young Creatures will take over the 3:00 pm time slot, replacing Bambi & Felix. If you haven’t already check out Young Creatures.

Little Red Lung off to Bonnaroo 2013!!

2013 is turning out to be a good year for some of my favoite bands! On facebook Little Red Lung announced they would be performing at the Bonnaroo Festival this fall. I can’t even express how HAPPY I am for this band. I’ve been in love with Zoe’s voice since the moment I saw them play at the Mint a couple of years ago.

Artwork by: Nelda Kerr

Artwork by: Nelda Kerr

If you’re heading to Bonnaroo please be sure to check out Little Red Lung – YOU WILL NO BE DISAPPOINTED!!! And check out the video below and fall in love with this band!!

Crushing on Little Red Lung….again!

I have a new obsession with LA based band, Little Red Lung. I saw them at the Mint before I went to South by Southwest so maybe 3 months ago and quick developed a musical crush (and if you know me then you know it’s serious).

I will admit the fact their lead singer is female caught my attention only because I rarely find female singers I really like. And there was something about Zoe Ruth Erwin’s voice that caught my attention and I was simply mesmerized. Add Guitarist Ali Nikou, Bassist Rob Hume & Drummer Nathan Kondor in the mix you have dramatic  songs which allowed your imagination to flow and the songs were still catchy. I swear I drove my co-workers crazy with my singing songs like ‘Rare Birds’ or my favorite ’50 Fingers’.


Little Red Lung – 50 Fingers

So when they released their new EP I literally had $17 in my bank account and the EP was about $6, so I threw caution to the wind and bought it via iTunes. And let me say….it was worth missing two worth of my drug – Starbucks Americanos.

I was stalking  checking their website and it looks like they will have an official EP release show on May 10th  and then they’re off on a mini tour!

Thursday, May 10th


The Satellite

With Dorian Wood, Seasons, San Francesca

Doors at 8:30PM

9PM – San Francesca

10PM – Seasons

11PM – Little Red Lung

12AM – Dorian Wood

21 and up

$5 at the door

Thursday, June 7th

Carbone’s (Monterey, CA)

21 and up

$5 at the door

Friday, June 8th

Art Boutiki (San Jose, CA)

$5 at the door


Saturday, June 9th

Skylark (Seattle, WA)

21 and up

$5 at the door

Sunday, June 10th

Dante’s (Portland, OR)

21 and up

$5 at the door

Monday, June 11th

Tom Grainey’s (Boise, ID)

21 and up

$5 at the door

Wednesday, June 13th

Film Bar (Phoenix, AZ)

21 and up

$5 at the door


Friday, June 22nd


Eagle Rock Center for the Arts

With Pisces (EP Release Show!)

+ some of LA’s best local artists

Doors at 8PM


Little Red Lung – Get On the Boat

Thursday night I attended a benefit concert hosted by Rock Is A Girl’s Best Friend with my favorite band Wires In the Walls, along with two new bands for me Telstar and Little Red Lung.

And the beauty of these benefits shows? Raise money for a good cause and NEW MUSIC!!!

The opener of the night was Little Red Lung and I was seriously impressed with their quirky rock sound.