Video: Sage + The Saints: Take Me To The South

Sage + The SaintsA couple of weeks ago Sage + The Saints announced the video for their new single ‘Take Me To The South’ would be directed by actress Kristen Stewart.

Well the wait is officially over…..

I’ve been a fan of Sage for several years and even though I’ve said Ashtray is my favorite song…..Take Me to The South comes in a close 2nd!

Its the type of song that makes you want to take a r0ad trip to the south!

Now If you want more Sage + The Saints music check out theirPledge Music page:

Review: Sage + The Saints – I Will Lie EP


I Will Lie now available on iTunes!

Sage and the Saint’s new EP ‘I Will Lie’, is a well written homage to country music.

When I first listened to the EP the song ‘Love and Pain’ made me burst out in tears. Not the watery or welled up eyes but big fat tears that cause me to ugly cry right in the middle of my cubicle. Between the piano intro and Sage’s voice which is filled with so much emotion you have no choice to feel….something.

Lyrically it’s completely relatable and when I should have been paying attention to the EP, I began to think about my personal life. I love songs that make me think and drive me to make changes. If this was Sage’s goal then mission accomplished.

Her song writing has grown so much since her last EP ‘Learning to Walk’ (FYI Ashtray is still my favorite song!). When I first heard the song ‘Take me to the South’ I felt it was nice bar song and didn’t think too much about it. But it’s the song that I find myself humming the most. It’s the type of song that’ll pop in your head on a regular basis but not in that irritating way. It’s like finding a twenty dollar bill in your wallet – just makes you happy.

“Take me to the south where the things move slow, we can talk about life, the city been mean and I’m tired of these street….”

Now I know why she left LA for the Nashville!

To say I enjoyed this EP would be an understatement.

Check out her music—-> Sage

Video: Sage + The Saints – Would I Run

Today, Sage and The Saints released her new video ‘Would I Run’ in support of her upcoming EP release ‘I Will Lie’ on August 22nd. Would I Run captures the softer side of the infamous chameleon known as Sage. After leaving LA a few years ago Sage followed her heart to the country music mecca, Nashville. Sage’s embraced all the Nashville has to offer and her new music will reflect just that. I look forward to her new EP!

Stay tune for more Sage news…..

Song of the day – Sage: Ashtray (Live)

I could listen to ‘Ashtray’ by Sage over and over and over and over… fact I have. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this song playing on my ipod. As I was going over old videos I was happy to see I was able to capture her singing this song live, since I don’t think she’s played it since….well not in LA at least.

Sage + Jack Duff @ Club Moscow

Last night my favorite musical chameleon Sage came back to rock Hollywood with producer extraordinaire and good friend Jack Duff to play their new dance tracks, think Dash & Will with a mix of Le Butherettes. It’s the kind of music that makes you want to move (whether you want to or not) and with Sage’s charismatic personality people were dancing everywhere… favorite had to be the guy dressed as a furrie.

It doesn’t matter if Sage is singing punk-rock, country or dance she knows how to captivate an audience. Hence, why I’ve been a fan since I first saw her perform at the Hotel Café in 2009, hopefully there will be a EP in the near future……PLEASE LET THERE BE AN EP!!!!