Matt Corby @ Hotel Cafe – Lonely Boy (cover)

I orginally saw Matt Corby cover The Black Key’s Lonely Boy on the Triple J site but there is nothing like actually hear him sing it live! The sudience at Hotel Cafe were in for a treat and let me tell you men and women were going wild!

Another OMG moment!!!

Is it March yet?

March is officially turning into March Madness Music Month! (whew that is a mouth full)

First Aussie hottie and vocal god is FINALLY coming to LA. He’s going to perform at the imfamous Hotel Cafe on March 8th.

 Matt Corby covering The Black Keys ‘Loney Boy’  <—- You MUST watch this video of Matt Corby singing the Black Keys ‘Lonely Boy’…..I swear I just had this vision on Monday and the music gods heard me! 🙂

That next week is South by Southwest…..this will be EPIC!! And guess who’s going to be there….Marcus Foster! That’s right after nearly a 2 year sabbatical from the States he’s returning! And not only when I see him at SxSW but he’s actually playing two shows at (yeah you guessed it) Hotel Cafe on March 23rd & 24th.

And there you have it, March Music Madness Month…..well for now. I have a feeling this is just the begining.

(please expect typos!)

Black Keys: Howlin’ For You

Its no secret I love the Black Keys and their new video for Howlin’ For You is total kickass!!! I’ve had this video on replay all moring!

Source: The Black Keys