SxSW 2015: Tove Styrke

Tove Styrke

Had a chance to to see Sweden’s Tove Styrke perform at the Communion Music showcase the St. David church. With her brand of style she kicked off the showcase with an energetic set. Personally, I plan to add a few songs to my workout set list.

If you enjoyed this video, Tove is kicking off a 21 city tour in parts of the UK and USA this spring!

Marcus Foster 1st SXSW performance….

I’m finally back at the hotel and somewhat soberish.

But even through my beer haze I know one thing…..Marcus Foster fucking rocked Maggie Mae’s tonight. While on stage he even acknowledged he hasn’t been back in two and half years (yep that’s too damn long in my book!) and was excited to play for the South by Southwest crowd.

He played for nearly a hour….(((sigh)))

When I first heard Foster was on the SXSW schedule….I kinda rolled my eyes because last year he cancelled after it was announced and I booked my flight. But this year he did not dissappoint me (whew!). And Marcus even mentioned a new EP he will be selling during his US tour with Sam Bradley (can’t wait for the San Diego show since Sam isnt playing The Hotel Cafe ::sad face::).

FYI Marcus Foster fans…

If you saw Marcus Foster perform 2.5 years ago in America….well he’s fucking better than the last time. Hold on it’s going to be a musical orgasmic ride! Damn you Marcus for being so talented. I can’t quit you!!

Marcus Foster: Official ‘Shadows of the City’ Video

One of my ABSOLUTE favorite songs by Marcus Foster is Shadows of the City. A couple of blogs ago I posted the video taken at Hotel Cafe when i was going through MF withdraws.

While I was in the mist of SxSW, Foster released his first highly anticipated video for ‘Shadows of the City’.
Congrats Marcus!!