Matt Corby: Monday (audio video)

Its a known fact that Matt Corby has been the Musical Prince in my heart since I saw him perform at Sxsw in 2011.  Sadly, Matt been off the grid for more than a year….but if you thinkg about it…..he performed at nearly every festival in the UK & Australia, it’s no wonder why he needed a break. During that time he went back into writers mode….and released his new single ‘Monday‘.

And with new music = live shows!

That’s right Matt will be performing live in Australia, so check out his site for more date information!

Be sure to check out the new single on iTunes, YouTube and Spotify.

Listen to new song ‘Monday’ here:

Honestly there is no reason why this song isn’t added to your collection!

FREE Show with Tic Tic Boom! @ The Satellite


That’s right I said FREE SHOW with one of my favorite LA band’s Tic Tic Boom! If you haven’t had a chance to check them out live I suggest you come down to the Satellite in Silverlake on April 14th! Not only do you get Tic Tic Boom! you also get Young Empress and Glow Marrow. Nothing gets better than FREE!!! Since you save money on the door fee you can buy an extra beer.

Hope to see you there!