SxSW 2015 Recap: Circa Waves

As usual South by Southwest was filled with new bands to add to my play list but one band in particular, Circa Waves, caught my eye not only because they were really talented and have great songs but simply because at every time I saw them they had technical difficulties. Honestly, it should have turned me off but the complete opposite effect occurred.

The first time was at the British Music Embassy the Bass amp blew out and they had to end the show early and couldn’t play their new single T-Shirt Weather. So instead of moving on to the next band I was determined to hear this song!

Which leads me to the second time at the Dr. Martens showcase the bass went out half way through a song but was able to get it back and they continued on like champs. Yes, while standing under the giant tent trying to avoid the rain and not slide in the mud I officially became a fan!

And on the last night, while making plans my friends and I knew we had to end our SxSW Adventures with Circa Waves and see their last showcase at the #Uproxx house. Two songs into the set, the lead singer’s mic went out but don’t worry the guitarist mic was working perfectly and he just switched sides.

Despite all their issues Circa Waves played beautifully. I hope they come back to the US and everyone gets a chance to see how amazing these guys are. Their debut album, Young Chasers will be released on Tuesday, March 30th.

Circa Waves:

Kieran Shudall – Lead Singer

Sam Rourke – Bass

Joe Falconer – Guitarist

Colin Jones – Drummer

Christmas Playlist 2014

It’s Christmas Time!! 

That means we break out the eggnog and sing some carols while roasting some chestnuts…..right? Christmas music has definitely evolved over the years but the songs that get me in the Christmas spirit is quite different from others. Gotta Press Play Contributor, Sabrina and I picked our favorite Christmas songs we think everyone should add to their Christmas playlist!

Christmas Time (Bryan Adams) by MÉNAGE

Tammy: This is just a hopeful song about the song about the Christmas season and wanting to keep that happy feeling all year-long.

I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas by Gayla Peevey

Sabrina: I honestly can’t say why I love this song but I really do. It’s classic and just plain ridiculous and it just screams Christmas.

Lonely Christmas – Rebel Coast
Tammy: The title speaks for itself but when it first starts I instantly think of Hawaii and I instantly wish I could spend Christmas in Oahu like Mindy Kaling.

Christmas Lights – Sam Bradley

Sabrina: It’s funny, it’s cute, and it’s Sam Bradley… This girl couldn’t ask for anything more.

You’re Just Like Christmas – The Crookes

Tammy: I love the Crookes!! This song is heartfelt yet really fun – just like the band!

All I Want for Christmas – Bob Schneider

Sabrina: Not only is this song amazing but the chorus cracks me up!

My December – Linkin Park
Tammy: This is one of my favorite Christmas songs because it’s not completely about the actual day but the season. There’s a catch-22 when it comes to Christmas, for many people it’s either the happiest time of the year or the worst. This song ambiguously touches on the loneliness some feel around this time of the year.

Christmas in Hollis – Run-DMC

Sabrina: One of the best rapped Christmas songs ever.

Hope you enjoyed our list and hope some of these classic Christmas gems makes it onto your playlist.

Video: Passenger – Wrong Direction

I can’t believe I’ve only just discovered Passenger!

My god I love his voice and his lyrics are sometimes sarcastic but they usually cut deep. The song ‘Wrong Direction’is one of those songs that describes me perfectly (and my FAVORITE….so far). Its describes the desire to love but unable because of fear, or how we always want something we don’t have. You know the old cliché – its greener on the other side.

Basically go for it or go home.

Passenger is currently on tour and will be in Los Angeles in December and thank goodness I have tickets! Check his facebook page for music and tour dates…..because if you miss his show you will be highly dissappointed.

Twitter: @Passengermusic

Video: High Heels and Low Lifes – Daydreamer

I recently downloaded pop band’s High Heels and Low Lifes song ‘L.O.V.E.’ and really enjoyed it. Last week they released a new video called ‘Daydreamer’ for their new CD due out July 1st.


check them out:

Indulging in some Breton

When I saw Breton on my last night at SxSW I was completely impressed and added them to my list of artist to watch.

So this morning I had a serious urge to listen to their music again. So I hopped on YouTube this morning and that feeling happiness I had at SxSW came rushing back to me. And I’ve replayed the song ‘Interference’ from their new CD ‘Other People’s Problems’, for at least an hour and nearly snapped at anyone who interrupted my time with this song.

On a sad note, I missed them when they played LA recently… still hurts!

Noah & The Whale – L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N (official video)

Thanks to SxSW (and my friend Monika) I’ve discovered Noah & the Whale and they will be back in Los Angeles on May 25th! YES!!!
Who’s joining me?!