Throwback Thursday: YSA – Wires In the Walls

I became familiar with the term ‘hiatus’ as a kid and all my favorite TV shows ended just as summer was starting. As an adult ‘Hiatus’ suddenly has 2 meanings: 1) really short to moderate break or 2) so long that its forgotten. Well, my favorite band and I do mean FAVORITE band Wires In the Walls officially announced their unspecified ‘hiatus‘.


So today I dedicate my Throwback Thursday to Wires In The Walls and relive some great memories by listening to their last full length album – New Symmetry. yes, I could wallow in fandom depression but I won’t! Nope I’m going to check out out the new various projects. I’ve already seen Beachwood Coyotes and think they’re awesome! So no matter what happens I know more great music will be created and this eases my Wires In the Walls ache.

Thanks Warren the Daves, Denton & Bryan (and Nick!) for partaking in some excellent nights.

Wires In The Walls: Roadshow (Live) from Sessions On The Hill

Blaster Master Productions has debut their new video series, Sessions On The Hill featuring LA’s very own Wires in the Walls. If you follow Wires on instagram or twitter you’ll know this is the ‘shoot’ they were teasing fans with a couple of weeks ago.

I love the video and admit I’ve watched at least three times before I even thought to post a blog! I love this quote from the Blaster website…

“I opened Blaster Master Productions with the idea of providing clients the perfect blend of comfort, location, and fantastic sounding rooms.” – Ali Nikou

Thank You Blaster Master Productions for a great video!!

See Wires in the Walls perform this song (and others) along with LA finest, Little Red Lung, Owls, Tic Tic Boom and more…..on August 3rd for NoHoPalooza!

And don’t forget to check out Blaster Master website for more production information.

NoHoPalooza with LA Best Indie Bands!

Have you ever dreamt about your perfect lineup? You could visualize the perfect group of bands (or solo singers), and sometimes you could even see the perfect venue. And it was perfect mix which equals an evening of musical bliss with friends and beer.

Well party people my perfect show is about to happen…..that’s right Wires In the Walls, Tic Tic Boom!, Little Red Lung and Owls will be on the same stage at The Other Door Bar in North Hollywood, on August 3rd.  NoHopalloza

It’s like the musical gods read my twitter message and made this HAPPEN!! Hey a girl can dream! But not only will the above mention will be there they will also share the stage with Okapi Sun (saw them a few months ago at the Wires residency and they were GOOD!), Lost on Purpose and Bambi & Felix. The doors open at 3pm which will mean a nice afternoon of music!

Take a moment to check out the links below!! And if you want more information please head to The Other Door Bar website!

From the facebook page:

3:00 Bambi & Felix

4:00 Lost On Purpose

5:00 Okapi Sun

6:00 Owls

7:00 Tic Tic Boom

8:00 Wires in the Walls

9:00 Little Red Lung

$5 Cover (goes directly to bands)

21+ (ID Required)

Look for the BAR sign and GIANT DOOR


Parking lot and plenty of street parking



The lineup has changed a little….. Young Creatures will take over the 3:00 pm time slot, replacing Bambi & Felix. If you haven’t already check out Young Creatures.

Spend Friday Night with Wires In the Walls

Wires In the Walls

Tomorrow is Friday Night….what shall I do?…..hmm….I know go to the Satellite and see my boys Wires In the Walls!! That’s right the guys from Wires will be sharing the stage with the New York band, CHAPPO and fellow LA band Francisco the Man. Haven’t seen Wires In the Walls play since their residency back in February. It’s been LONG overdue! I need so hear some ‘In the Rain’….love that song!!

Remember WITW have a new EP that’s a MUST have called ‘LEAP, TIMBER, LEAP’. In all seriousness its a great EP – I felt as though they’ve grown as musicians and songwriters. And considering I already loved their stuff you could imgaine I was a happy mess when I listened to Leap, Timber, Leap.

Doors at 8:30pm
Wires in the Walls – 9pm
Francisco the Man – 10pm
CHAPPO – 11pm
Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door

More info here:

Wires In the Walls – Residency & EP Release

Last Monday, Wires In the Walls has kicked off a month long residency at the Silverlake Lounge in support of their new EP called ‘Leap, Timber, Leap’ which is available via iTunes and Bandcamp (see link below). And its an EP you should have in you music library! I’m not being bias when I say the guys from Wires are extremely talented – I’m saying it because its true.

One of the things I love about Wires In the Walls is there songwriting, something about their words just vibe with me. They always find a way to tell a story with honest worI love when a song can move me emotionally, make me think or even inspire.

WITW have always found a way move me in some way and this new EP doesn’t disappiont that feeling. With Warren Sroka emotional driven voice backed with the talents of David Irelan, Bryan King, David Sicher and bassist Denton Biety its hard turn off my ipod.

It’s okay if you missed last week’s show (2/4/13) show but if you can make time to come hear some great music!

Hindu Pirates
Okapi Sun (SD)
Young Empress

Michael Davis With Lions
George Glass
The Picture and the Frame
Escalator Hill

The Ross Sea Party
Tall Tales and the Silver Lining

Download Wires In the Walls EP, Leap, Timber, Leap  –

Owls invades the Satellite

Last night I went to the Satellite in Silverlake to see new LA band called Owls. This is my second time seeing the Owls and after each set I’m even more impressed with their sound and damn near do cartwheels over the fact they have a really good lead singer. Sadly, I’ve been seeing more bad lead singers than good and the Owls is simply a refreshing band. Despite the early set time they seemed to draw the crowd in and even got people on the floor to even momentarily forget they’re in LA and actually dance.

Its offical……I’m looking forward to their next gig!

Check them out on Facebook:

Wires In the Walls restarts my heart!

I haven’t slept in days due to Breton show on Tuesday and a Pitch Perfect movie screening last night but I’m giddy with excitement because tonight Wires in the Walls play their first show in……MONTHS!!! If you’re in the LA area you have to stop by the Silverlake Lounge and check the guys play amazing music and give a warm welcome to their new bass player.
But it seems as though the guys from Wires have been leaving all types of treats for their fans…..yes….a new video released last week!! They finally did a video for ‘Tremolo’, one of my favorite songs off the ‘New Symmentry’ cd.
Info for tonight’s show!
Come down, let’s have drinks!
2906 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90026

My Birthday Playlist….

So today is my birthday **woo hoo party time!**….I could bitch and moan about my age but will appreciate all the good music I’ve had a chance to record and enjoy. So come along with me for a recap of a fun year for me…..

It’s Time by Imagine Dragons at SxSW best showcase I saw that week. And I got a kiss from Dan so I was a happy camper!

One of my favorite musicians is Matt Corby….young and amazingly talented. I first saw him at SxSW in 2011 ( @meggst remember that moment?) but he FINALLY played at my favorite venue Hotel Cafe in March just before SxSW 2012. The lighting is bad in this video but Matt is still amazing.

A little gem I found by the name of Little Red Lung…..I love these guys so much! Again bad lighting but great music!

Another favorite for me is Sam Bradley….that boy can do no wrong in my eyes. Not only is he talented but he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve met in a long time. I wish the world would appreciate his awesomeness! (I did not take this video….I didnt make this show **no tears** so I must thank BRITPACKLOVE for posting on YouTube) 

For some reason I haven’t uploaded any of the latest Tic Tic Boom! perfomances onto my YouTube….this hurts considering my compter is dead 😦 But this was taken at the Sunset Jubliee last year. 

Okay I will end this posting with my favorite LA Band’s Wires In the Walls…..talented guys! Again not my video but from Jam in the Van. (

Apparently on your birthday you get a wish…but you’re not suppose to tell….crap! I think you know what I wished 😉

And thank you to allt he musicians who make my life that much better – wonderful lyrics and talent to make my day a little easier. Little do you know you help so many people when you least expect it.

Little Red Lung – Get On the Boat

Thursday night I attended a benefit concert hosted by Rock Is A Girl’s Best Friend with my favorite band Wires In the Walls, along with two new bands for me Telstar and Little Red Lung.

And the beauty of these benefits shows? Raise money for a good cause and NEW MUSIC!!!

The opener of the night was Little Red Lung and I was seriously impressed with their quirky rock sound.



Sunday night with Wires In the Walls & Black Crystal Wolf Kid

Sundays are usually filled with dread knowing Monday morning was quickly approaching and if you were like me, it meant being up by 5:30 am. But this past Sunday, I decided to rebel and catch the Wires In the Walls, Black Crystal Wolf, Former/Future show. Wires, opened with my FAVORITE song, Gasoline.

My favorite cover band, Black Crystal Wolf Kids took the stage and as usual had the crowd out of ther seat singing along with their version of popular rock songs. Check out their version of ‘Tighten Up’ by the The Black Keys with one of the members of Former/Futures.

Sadly I could not stay for the Former/Future set. 😦 I’ve seen them a few months ago and I know they put on a kick ass show. And if you haven’t checked out Wires, BCWK, or Former/Future, I suggest you do so!